Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So here I go, into the world of blogging, avoided for so long with the excuse that I am just too busy to write about what I think. Why the change? I need to keep up with the profession from my desk - now a solo-librarian and going to meetings is a real luxury. I know that there are many of you out there are solo-librarians but when it happens to you overnighht it is a bit of a shock and requires a re-think of how you work.


  1. I am also solo and while I have always been offically I had helpers, but with cut backs I turned round one day to find them gone and now I must account for every second of my day as an unfinished job is just there for me tomorrow! and if I go away I must find cover or shut! Glad to see you in the CPD23

  2. I have worked as a solo school librarian for nine years and it can be very lonely. Teachers aren't that interested in the intricacies of a library! Very important to meet professional colleagues for real when you get the chance as well as virtually.